What is Spodenet? Real or Fake?

Spodenet is real or fake: In today’s post we will tell you about Spodenet, which is a learning and earning platform.

Spodenet promotes itself through social media and many Nepali people are associated with this company. So let’s know the truth about Spodenet.

What is Spodenet?

Spodenet is an Affiliate Marketing company that sells different types of courses.

Spodenet is a learning and earning platform. Through this, people can buy the course and earn referral income by adding people to it. Spodenet was founded on 1 January 2022.


The name of the founder of Spodenet is Aditya Chaudhary, who calls himself a digital marketer.

You will get the rest of the information on its website.

Details of the Spodenet Company

Packages of Spodenet

As we said, it is an online learning and earning platform. It sells different types of skill and development-related courses, which are as follows.

  • Interpersonal abilities Social media promotion
  • Internet advertising
  • fluency in spoken English
  • Automation in business
  • Mastery of affiliate marketing
  • rise of Instagram
  • Facebook advertising
  • Speaking in public
  • Website design and video editing
  • Other several others

Spodenet has three packages: Elite, Silver and Gold. It sells all its courses in these three types of packages.


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Affiliate Program for Spodenet

Now let’s talk about Spodenet’s affiliate program, for which it is famous.

1. Commission for Referrals (90%)

Spodenet company promises 90% commission on each referral.

In which if you do any promotion directly then you get 75% commission and if someone from your team does the promotion then you get 15% commission. This way the total is 90%. This commission is also available according to the package purchased by you.

Let us talk about the silver package as an example.

In the Silver package, you get Rs 1500 on every direct promotion, and Rs 300 on your team’s promotion. This means that on a promotion of Rs 2000, you get a chance to earn a profit of Rs 1800.

2. Bonus Correspondence

Spodenet also promises bonuses to more active people. This is also available as per the package. Gold gets the highest, Silver gets the least, and the Elite package gets the least.

3. Journey & Tours

Spodenet also offers trips and travels to people associated with you. It promises that the company will bear all the expenses of the trip.

Review of Spodenet

We hope that the above information has given you an understanding about Spodenet.

Spodenet, being an affiliate marketing company, depends on social media promoters. But many people joining it are from Nepal. Due to which many Nepalese youth are associated with this company and hope to earn money.

But you should know some important facts related to this.

Copy affiliate program

Spodenet is not the first such affiliate program. Many platforms like Bizgurukul, Leadsark, Grow Partner, Millionaire Track and Leadsguru are using the same concept.

Since it only involves creating video courses and doing social media promotion, many such companies have been opened.

Especially when they make claims of making people rich quickly through Instagram.

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Not a special product

Affiliate marketing actually started to promote products and services through the Internet.

But the current company’s focus is not on product or service, but on connecting more and more people through the affiliate program.

That’s why they offer products like online courses, which have no real value, but thousands of rupees are charged in the name of education.

Waste of money and time

Since Spodenet doesn’t have any real product, it makes sense to invest money in it. Also they are asked to promote it to their friends and relatives, due to which their money also gets wasted.

Today, you can earn money by learning many skills for free on the Internet, which is many times a better option than shortcuts like Spodenet.

There are no guidelines and rules regarding affiliate marketing in India yet, so it cannot be called illegal. But often its promoters sell the product to people by making false promises.

Should I join Spodenet?

No, as per our advice it is not beneficial to join Spodenet. In this you have to buy and sell some courses, whereas you get better content for free on YouTube.

Also, in the long term, you cannot earn much money from this. Therefore it is not beneficial to join it.

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