How to remove blank rows in Excel

This example will teach you how to remove blank rows in Excel. To remove blank rows in Excel you need to do the following steps.

1. Open the home tab, on the right side of the editing group and click on the Find & Select button.

Editing in excel

2. Click on Find & Select and then click on Go to Special.

find & select

3. Select Blank and click OK.

Go To Special

In the Excel spreadsheet select the blank cell 

How to remove blank rows in Excel

4. On the Home tab in the cell group, click Delete.

cells group in excel

5. Click on Delete sheet rows. And this is the way you delete empty rows in Excel.


Delete rows

This following tutorial only removes rows from Excel that are empty and leaves rows with few unfilled rows.

6. Now Add a blank column and insert the function COUNTA.

7. Click on the lower right corner of cell F2 Drag it down to F11.

The COUNTA function shows 0 in cells F3 and F6  because the rows are empty. Now we remove blank rows in Excel by using Filter

8, select the header cells.

9. Click on the Data tab, go to the Sort & Filter group, and click Filter.

sort & filter in excel

The Down Arrow logo appears in the column headers Or simply press (ctrl + shift + L).

.10. Click the arrow next to the total cell.

11. The new small window appears. Click on the Select All option to clear all the checkboxes, and click the check box of 0.

12. Then OK button.

Now Excel shows only the empty rows.

13. Delete all these rows. Select all rows and right-click and select the option of Delete rows.

14. Then click Filter again to remove the filter. Now Excel deletes empty rows in the sheet.

15. Delete the Blanks column.

Now the result after we remove blank rows in the Excel sheet.

The second method is more useful and accurate to Excel remove empty rows from a large number of data.