Best 3 Public Schools in Toronto for 2024

I know you are looking for the ideal Public school for your little children. It’s like searching for that secret treasure of a playground in Toronto – so many options and so much noise. But don’t worry; we have the insider info that might help you out.

Have you seen the Fraser Institute Ranking Report Card on Ontario’s Best Public School 2024? It sounds very official, but it’s your trusty guide to school performance in the city. This useful tool lets you see how different Toronto Private schools rank, compare them like oranges to oranges, and find the best match for your kid. For every Toronto parent facing the “Which school?” question, this is a bit of a lifesaver.

While having a high rank and an A+ report card is amazing, a school is more than that. It’s about supporting creativity, building friendships, and igniting the passion for learning in young souls. These wonderful moments might be absent from the official Report Card.

The Fraser Institute Ranking Report Card on Ontario’s Public Schools 2024 is a reliable first step. Mix it with other data, follow your parent’s instincts, and choose the best school for your kid.

Happy Public School Searching in Toronto

St. Michael’s Choir School

St. Michael’s Choir School is a private high school in Toronto’s Garden District, Downtown Toronto, for boys. The school is managed by the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto, and the Toronto Catholic District School Board. Toronto Catholic District School Board.

To join this prestigious high school in Toronto, students need to apply and do an audition. There is a fixed tuition charge for the choir course, unlike other public schools in Toronto. The main thing that sets St. Michael’s Choir School apart from other high schools is its ethos which teaches students to be self-reliant and eager in their pursuit of knowledge in music.

St. Michael’s Choir School

Ursula Franklin Academycs

Ursula Franklin Academy is a high school in the High Park neighborhood of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It was part of the Toronto Board of Education until it became part of the Toronto District School Board. Toronto District Board of Education.

This academy is a small learning community with a Canadian high school where technology and science are the main focus.

Ursula Franklin Academy ranks above 29% of schools in the area and above 38% of schools in Ontario according to report. Our school has a high rank in both the provincial and the city levels.

Ursula Franklin Academycs

Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts

Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts is a Catholic Arts high school in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. To get into this school, you have to do an audition.

This high school is open to students of all ages, even teens. The best thing about Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts is that it takes students any time of the year (if they need more students or if there is room in the art class you like).

Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts


These are some of the best public schools in Toronto for 2024. They offer different programs and opportunities for students who are interested in music, science, or arts. They also have high academic standards and rankings. If you want to learn more about these schools, you can visit their websites or contact them directly. You can also use the Fraser Institute Ranking Report Card on Ontario’s Public Schools 2024 to compare them with other schools in the city and the province. Remember, choosing a school is an important decision, so make sure you do your research and follow your instincts. We hope this post has helped you find the best private school for your kid in Toronto.