The solution and Wordle hints for today’s Wordle game #988 in The New York Times?

This is your Wordle game guide for today. I will tell you what I think about the latest puzzle and give you some tips to maintain a winning streak.

Hoping there are no hints that will be useful in Wordle hints today. That’s alright, just go to my daily column instead. Still, remember that this game allows only six mistakes at least before losing it all.

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WARNING: The following sections contain today’s Wordle solution and hints if you want to do it yourself, don’t continue reading below.

Here’s your Wordle hints for Wordle game #988: VOWELS.

Today’s Wordle has vowels in two positions. Remember, vowels are the letters A, E, I, O, and U. We’re not counting Y as a vowel this time.

Here are the hints for Wordle game #988:

Hint #1 – VOWELS:

Today’s Wordle has vowels in two spots. Remember, vowels are the letters A, E, I, O, and U.


The first letter of today’s Wordle answer is S. S is a common starting letter in Wordle.


Today’s Wordle has repeated letters. This happens often in the game.


The last letter of today’s Wordle is E. E is a common ending letter in Wordle.

Hint #5 – LAST CHANCE:

Today’s Wordle answer describes a mode or condition of being. If you’re still trying to solve it, keep going! But if you want the answer, scroll down. Just remember, it’s more fun to figure it out on your own first!

Today’s Wordle hints for WordleBot game #988 is STATE.

WordleBot claims that STATE is difficult with an average score of 4.3, which indicates that many people would have gotten either 3/6 or 5/6 today.

Choosing the starting word was paramount in today’s game. Some common starting words like SLATE or STARE reduced options and thus made it easier for players. However, guessing the right word early on was trickier. For instance, my first guess was ALLAY which did not help much and left me with many possible words to choose from.

I thereafter tried CRATE after some attempts; it gave me three green letters and narrowed down my choices to four words only. Instead of trying to guess at this point, I chose STONK which made sure I would get the answer by the fourth attempt. On its part, WordleBot guessed SPATE and SKATE before solving STATE on its fifth attempt. That didn’t work out too well for ‘Bot though.

Here are the Wordle hints for yesterday’s Wordle game, #987:

  • The word had vowels in two places, but Y wasn’t considered a vowel.
  • The word started with the letter U, which is not very common in Wordle.
  • There were no repeated letters in the word.
  • The word ended with the letter N, which is quite common in Wordle answers.
  • Additionally, yesterday’s Wordle answer was related to a city.

Yesterday’s Wordle game, #987, breakdown looks as follows:

  • The correct answer was URBAN.
  • Average difficulty for most recent Wordles has been a thing, and yesterday’s one didn’t score different either with a WordleBot rating of 3.8
  • The word URBAN starts with a vowel, two consonants and ends in a vowel plus a consonant.
  • The starting word CRANE was especially useful as it narrowed the options down to just five possibilities.
  • Some players like me were not fortunate enough to have helpful start words therefore they had more options to go through.
  •  After few guesses URBAN came out as the answer leading to 4/6 scores for many players.

Certainly! Here’s the complete list of the past 50 Wordle answers:

1. Wordle #987, Saturday 2 March: URBAN

2. Wordle #986, Friday 1 March: FORTY

3. Wordle #985, Thursday 29 February: IMAGE

4. Wordle #984, Wednesday 28 February: DEVIL

5. Wordle #983, Tuesday 27 February: SENSE

6. Wordle #982, Monday 26 February: OFTEN

7. Wordle #981, Sunday 25 February: SMITH

8. Wordle #980, Saturday 24 February: PIPER

9. Wordle #979, Friday 23 February: APART

10. Wordle #978, Thursday 22 February: HEAVY

11. Wordle #977, Wednesday 21 February: BUILD

12. Wordle #976, Tuesday 20 February: MATCH

13. Wordle #975, Monday 19 February: PRICE

14. Wordle #974, Sunday 18 February: RIDGE

15. Wordle #973, Saturday 17 February: PSALM

16. Wordle #972, Friday 16 February: STASH

17. Wordle #971, Thursday 15 February: ASCOT

18. Wordle #970, Wednesday 14 February: TALON

19. Wordle #969, Tuesday 13 February: SCRAM

20. Wordle #968, Monday 12 February: PASTA

21. Wordle #967, Sunday 11 February: NEVER

22. Wordle #966, Saturday 10 February: FRIED

23. Wordle #965, Friday 9 February: STIFF

24. Wordle #964, Thursday 8 February: PLACE

25. Wordle #963, Wednesday 7 February: AFTER

26. Wordle #962, Tuesday 6 February: WHICH

27. Wordle #961, Monday 5 February: REPEL

28. Wordle #960, Sunday 4 February: VERGE

29. Wordle #959, Saturday 3 February: MICRO

30. Wordle #958, Friday 2 February: CLEFT

31. Wordle #957, Thursday 1 February: ALIVE

32. Wordle #956, Wednesday 31 January: BULKY

33. Wordle #955, Tuesday 30 January: EXPEL

34. Wordle #954, Monday 29 January: LEGGY

35. Wordle #953, Sunday 28 January: EMBER

36. Wordle #952, Saturday 27 January: SNAKE

37. Wordle #951, Friday 26 January: ALOOF

38. Wordle #950, Thursday 25 January: BLOCK

39. Wordle #949, Wednesday 24 January: RELIC

40. Wordle #948, Tuesday 23 January: STILL

41. Wordle #947, Monday 22 January: TWEAK

42. Wordle #946, Sunday 21 January: NORTH

43. Wordle #945, Saturday 20 January: LARGE

44. Wordle #944, Friday 19 January: THING

45. Wordle #943, Thursday 18 January: STOLE

46. Wordle #942, Wednesday 17 January: COURT

47. Wordle #941, Tuesday 16 January: BLOND

48. Wordle #940, Monday 15 January: LUNCH

49. Wordle #939, Sunday 14 January: DOING

50. Wordle #938, Saturday 13 January: HEARD

These answers span over the past 50 days, each corresponding to a particular Wordle game number and its respective date.

Sure. Here’s a simplified version of the rules and explanation of Wordle:

What is Wordle?

Wordle is a daily word-guessing game where you try to figure out a secret five-letter word. You have six chances to guess it right.

How to Play:

1. Guess any five letter word

2. When you get right letter in your guess that is at correct position, it turns green.

3. Yellow means the right letter, but not the right place.

4. Gray letters are wrong guesses, since they’re not part of the word at all.

5. Plurals aren’t allowed as answers here.

6. One can repeat one letter in their guesses multiple times.”

7. Your guess must be an existing English word

8. You have until midnight to solve the puzzle.

9. It gives you 6 attempts to answer correctly

10. Over two thousand words are possible

Where to Play:

Wordle can be played via free online service or on New York Times’ Crossword app.

That’s all! This is just a fun game for one day; see how well you know yourself by trying guessing what this single word is before evening comes

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