Is it possible to download movies to watch offline free?

When people stream current films and TV series, they rely on the internet. An issue arises when a person moves from one place to another because he or she will not be able to use the streaming services due to a lack of a stable internet connection. Fortunately, popular streaming platforms have free legal options that allow users to download movies to watch offline free. This article guides how to lawfully access cost-free movies downloadable for later viewing to avoid watching them online.

How to download movies to watch offline for free


download movies

Your subscription is the determinant of offline watching with Netflix and downloading does not count towards your screen limit; you can download to as many devices as your streaming plan allows. However, ad-supported plans do not support offline viewing.

Also, not all content can be downloaded. For availability, just find the Download button on a movie’s description page in the iOS or Android app.

Instead of using a browser, use a desktop application for Netflix to download movies to watch offline free on laptops. The Microsoft Store has the Netflix app for Windows 10 and 11, while most Chromebooks are compatible with an Android app. Unfortunately, there is no Netflix app for Mac or Linux so offline viewing isn’t possible on those platforms.

Netflix offers convenient browsing options like browsing by genre or keyword. One advantage among others of using Netflix when watching offline is how fast it transfers movies. It’s possible to finish downloading a film in mere minutes for most people subject to their connection speed though speeds may vary from one user to another.

Youtube Premium

Finding them may allow you to download movies on YouTube and watch them when you are not connected to the Internet. There exist plenty of free movies on YouTube. Each video page has a ‘Download’ button but it will only work if you pay for the YouTube Premium service. Even then, not all of its content is downloadable.

YouTube Premium is a subscription-based service that’s available in select countries like the US. With YouTube Premium, one can access millions of ads-free videos among other things background streaming and YouTube Music Streaming services inclusive. It also has an option for legal offline viewing and the Kids Section

On Android, you can sign up for the service by visiting your account from within the YouTube app. While on iOS devices, paying for YouTube Premium can be done through iTunes. Also, make sure to take advantage of the 30-day trial period immediately after joining.

Amazon Prime

It is easy to watch the movies later if you have Amazon Prime Video. To save a movie for offline viewing, just press and hold on to the particular episode in question and choose ‘Download’ from the pop-up menu that appears. Alternatively, tap on “Download” that is next to the description of the movie and afterward access your offline downloaded movies under “Downloads”.

New releases, classics, and family-friendly content are abundant at Amazon Prime Video.

What is more important, one must be aware that a subscription to Amazon Prime includes not only streamable media but also downloadable files among other things such as Audible audio series or Kindle eBooks, or even music tracks as well as free fast shipping of all products on Amazon which qualify for Prime membership.


Disney+ movies can be downloaded and watched offline for free as part of your standard subscription. It can be downloaded on up to 10 devices and only needs logging in once each month on every device.

There are two major limitations here. Like Netflix, you cannot download movies and shows on the ad-supported plan. Besides, only Android and iOS apps support offline viewing. You can’t download any Disney+ content legally from a desktop computer.

Just find your movie and tap the Download button over its description. Go to Downloads under the navigation bar to locate your offline content.

Google TV

To enjoy offline Google Play movies or TV shows, download them. Google TV, previously called Google Play Movies and TV is a fantastic place for renting new films with the option to download purchased materials on five devices.

When going out, make sure you already have what you need since iPhone users cannot make purchases in-app. This limitation does not exist for Android users. The navigation is easy because Google TV has an intuitive layout similar to Amazon Prime and also has user ratings making it easy to discover must-see movies.

This allows you to store it by just opening any movie or series page and then tapping the word “Download.” After that go to “Your stuff” > “Movies” and use the “Downloaded” filter to reach your offline content.


Do you need some little wise words to accompany your travel? You better rely on the TED app to fill the void. In case you are using a laptop and intend to carry it with you, feel free to download movies for future viewing. If not, make sure that the TED app is installed in your gadget before you leave.

TED provides more than two thousand downloadable pieces of content as well as subtitles for other languages. Just click on the Download button to transfer the file to your device once you have found a TED talk worth watching. Then find it in My Library.

Out of all the apps discussed so far, this one stands out due to its pricing policy; it is free!


Vimeo is also another great option for free offline movies. They have a “Watch Later” option where you can save videos to view later; perfect for this traveling moment. Just load up your video, click on the three-dot menu next to the title, and select “Add to Offline Playlist”. To access offline content go to your profile and choose “Offline”.

High-definition streaming was pioneered by Vimeo, and it still has a wide range of HD content including works from indie filmmakers and emerging artists.

Users like that it’s ad-free and does not require subscriptions though it is not among the subscription-free streaming services.

Another outstanding feature of this app is its direct upload capability removing the need for a computer. While one must be connected online, it is an ideal platform for sharing travel experiences while in transit.

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