What is Tallwin Life? Real or Fake Company?

Tallwin Life is Real or Fake in India: In this article we are going to talk about a network marketing (MLM) scheme called Tallwin Life.

Tallwin Life com promotes itself with terms like Autopool, Crowdfunding and Smart System. Apart from this, Tallwin Life makes many big bets, due to which many people are confused.

How does Tallwin Life work, what is its income plan? And read this article till the end to know the truth about Tallwin Life.

What is Talvin Life?

According to the website of Tallwin Life, it was started in 2022 by Wesley Milo and the head office of this company is established in the USA, but this has not been confirmed.Tallwin Life describes itself as a smart system, which is meant to increase your income. Tallwin Life is operated from a website Tallwinlife.com.

But very little information about Tallwin Life is available on their website. This company is not registered under MCA in India.Auto-pool and referral income is earned in Tallwin Life. Auto-pool plan is a non-working income, in which money is earned only by opening and activating the account. We will talk about its income plan in detail further.

How to get Tallwin Life login?

To login TallwinLife.com, you have to first contact a Tallwin Life member, so that you get a referral code and you will become a part of his team.

Then the account has to be activated, which can be done in two ways, one can be done by any member of Tallwin, you can activate the account by sending them money or by depositing funds in your account yourself.

After joining, the first thing you get is Opal Rank, which is $30. The money deposited in Tallwin Life com is non-refundable, that is, it cannot be withdrawn.

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Plan for Tallwin Life Income

Tallwin Life offers 6 types of income and the income will be in dollars ($), but only $5 can be withdrawn in a day and there is a 10% fee on it.

Sponsor Revenue

For this income you have to add new members. In this, on activating the account of a new member, 50% income is available. For example, if an Opal rank member in your downline joins Tallwin Life, you will get $15.

Increasing Board Revenue

This income is determined on the downline.

In this, you have to add referrals under 1:1 to your team (Left/Right) and when the downline also adds to the referral team as per 1:1, then you get $50 on that.

Bonus for Team Building

This income is earned by creating a team up to 10 levels in the downline, which you can see in the chart below.

For example, if an Opal member joins your downline at level 2, you will get a $1 team building bonus and if an Opal member joins you at level 6, you will get a $0.5 team building bonus.

Bonus for Team Promotion

If a member achieves the rank from Opal to Jasper, he gets a commission of $15 and this bonus is fixed for further ranks as well.

Bonus for Team Performance

This income is earned by adding new referrals to each team, but these referrals will have to be added in a month and the rank of each team will also have to be maintained for a month.

There is a condition that the team performance bonus is 40% on the first downline, 25% on the second downline and 20% on the third downline respectively. Therefore it is also important to manage the leg.

Autopool Revenue

You get this income by upgrading your team i.e. 10 members to the next rank, such as

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Review on TallwinLife.com

We hope that you have got information about the joining process and income plan of Tallwin Life. Now let’s share our personal review. First of all, the claim of this company being from USA is wrong, because Tallwin Life has not shared any real address or other proof.

 The administrator of Tallwin Life’s official Facebook page is from India, so it is being operated by someone from India. Any company does not belong to the US just by saying that, and even if it is American, it is necessary to follow Indian laws.

Is Tallwin Life Real or Fake?

Tallwin Life is using the direct selling concept, but it is not registered in India under MCA. Thus, it is also violating the Direct Selling Rules 2021.Apart from this, its founder is also hidden and very little, incomplete and false information has been given.

Tallwin Life does not have any product and collects investments from people in the name of crowd-funding. Also, commission is given on adding new people, which is called money circulation.Thus it is proved that Tallwin Life is a pyramid scheme, which is illegal in India. That means the people who promote it are also part of this scam.

Of course, Tallwin Life is currently giving commission on connecting people, but this is not going to last for long. Because this company itself will disappear or the government can ban it. Hundreds of companies like Tallwin Life have done scams worth crores in the name of MLM, so be cautious. Don’t fall prey to false claims of Tallwin Life and keep your money safe.

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What products does Tallwin Life sell?

It does not promote any product or service, it gives income on money rotation, which is illegal in India.

How to login Tallwin Life?

To login Tallwin Life, you must first contact a Tallwin member. Through which you get a referral code and you will become a part of his team. But this is a scam, so don’t join it.

How to get auto-pool income in Talliwin Life?

In fact, when the upline adds a new member to this plan, the direct downline below the upline also gets commission. That’s why it is called auto-pool income, but this income depends on the upline, otherwise you will have to add new people yourself.

Is Tallwin Life Company a Scam?

Tallwin Life does not have any legal documents and its website also does not have any information other than the name of its founder. This company neither sells genuine products nor services. It is based on money rotation which is not legal in India.

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