What is PRV Blaster 2.0? Chance or Fraud ?

PRV Blaster 2.0 is the second plan of PRV Blaster, which was discontinued some time ago. Many people have complained against PRV Blaster, so it is important to know the truth about PRV Blaster 2.0.

In this post we will know the whole truth about PRV Blaster 2.0 and whether it is safe to connect with it or not.

What is PRV Blaster?

PRV Blaster is an advertising based MLM company. This company is not registered under MCA, and any necessary information is not available on the internet.

This company was earlier known only as PRV Blaster. But after some time this company closed its earlier website. Now this work has started again in the name of PRV Blaster 2.0.

The domain name of its website is Prvblaster2.in , which was registered on 16 February 2023.

PRV Blaster does not have any main products. This company encourages people to invest money and get it done.

How to connect to PRV Blaster 2.0?

To join PRV Blaster, one has to register on its website. Use the process given below to join this company.

While registering on the website of this company, you will be asked for Sponsor ID, name, e-mail, and other information.

While registering you will be asked to create a password. After registering you will be given a User ID.

You will have to login to its website with the User ID given to you. After login you can start working in it.

In this you will have to activate your ID by investing 500₹. Next we will let you know how this company provides income and what are the terms and conditions of joining it.

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Income Plan

This company pays you for watching ads and connecting people.

View Income for Daily Self Ads

In this, one has to watch 10 advertisements every day, in return for which one gets ₹ 70.

Income from Daily Level Ads View

When the people you add see the ads, you get some money from their income. This income has been shared in the photo below.

For example, if someone downline views an ad at level 6, you get Rs 1. This earning increases with the team.

But there is a daily limit (Capping) at every level, which you can see in the chart below.

Flat Income

For adding every person in this, you are given Rs 170. Adding here means getting the new member to invest Rs 500.

Apart from this, this company also gives low income.

  • Level Income 
  • Royalty Income
  • Reward Income
  • Autopool Income

Terms and Conditions

Here are the most important rules of PRV Blaster.

  • ID has to be renewed every 30 days.
  • To view Daily Self Ads it is mandatory to add 3 people. 2. Direct joining is necessary for payout of Daily Self Ads income.
  • It is mandatory to add 15 people for Daily Level Ads View Income.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount for Daily Self Ads is Rs 400 and the minimum payout amount for Daily Level Ads View Income is Rs 500 and the multiple TDS fee deduction on each transaction is 15%.

Reviews of PRV Blaster 2.0

We hope that from the above information you have understood the business plan of PRV Blaster 2.0.

PRV Blaster 2.0 is an update to its older plan PRV Blaster and is an advertisement based MLM plan.

Ads Exchange, Jaa Lifestyle and Tallwin Life provide ad based income, but they are never reliable.

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Not a stable model

Paying commission for viewing advertisements is a very popular concept, but it is not stable. Because the companies that pay for advertising want a target audience.

In such a situation, if only one person sees 10 advertisements a day, then the company does not get much benefit.

Therefore, later the companies give an insufficient amount of money or do not give any advertisement at all, in such a situation a lot of time is wasted and the earning is less.

Money-circulation plan

The plan of PRV Blaster 2.0 is like a money-circulation scheme. There is no product or service in it and one has to pay Rs 500 for joining.

Besides, it is also important to involve people in it, otherwise there is no earning from watching advertisements. Therefore it is a pyramid scheme.

Under Direct Selling Rules 2021, no company can charge joining fees, whereas this company is doing the opposite.

Not trustworthy

PRV Blaster 2.0 is not a trustworthy company at all and can shut down any time.

No information about its founder and operator has been given, and this company is not registered on many websites.

It is operated through their website and Telegram. Their website is also not properly designed and many people are not able to take the payout, in such a situation one should stay away from fraud.

Authentic or Fake PRV Blaster?

PRV Blaster 2.0 is a throwaway company. Getting involved in this is a waste of your money and time. It is also difficult to withdraw the invested money from it and it can stop at any time.

Therefore, do not get trapped in false claims and promises and stay away from it.

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Who is the founder of PRV Blaster?
No information about the founder of PRV Blaster is available on the internet and this company is not registered.

How much does it cost to join PRV Blaster?
You can register in PRV Blaster for free but an investment of ₹ 500 is required.

Do people have to be added to PRV Blaster?
Yes, it is important to involve people in this.

Is PRV Blaster Company a Fraud?
Yes, PRV Blaster is a complete fraud company. Money is taken in it, but sometimes there is a problem in payout. Besides, the income from advertising is also very less.

Should I join PRV Blaster or not?
No, joining PRV Blaster is a waste of money and time, so don’t join it.