Review: Features, Price, Pros and Cons

Compared to manual editing of the audio or video recorded with ordinary devices, can effortlessly transform your audio/video sound into a studio-quality voice.  

Removal of background sound, balancing sound loudness, and bringing clarity to the speech content are its key specialties to distinguish it from the rest of the AI voice enhancers. 

So, if you are looking for a professional-level ai tool to enhance voice recording for free, this is the expert’s recommended tool. Before using it to enhance audio quality, you must read this article till the end to get to know how it works. 

What is is a free and pad ai sound quality improver. It utilizes built-in advanced AI algorithms to identify the background sounds that are unintentionally recorded in your media files and remove them. 

Not only that, the voice enhancer can make the speech content clearer and audible and adjust the sound loudness and levels to make it pleasant to hear for your target audience. 

Its affordability and versatility make it an ideal choice for users belonging to different professions such as podcasters, musicians, vloggers, journalists, interviewers, educators, and students. 

Functions and Features of

The AI audio enhancer online is incomparable in both its technical and non-technical capabilities which distinguishes it from the rest of the voice enhancers. The following are the features that you must know before enhancing the sound quality in your media files:

Technical Features to Enhance Sound Quality 

The audio or video recorded in a non-soundproof environment and with ordinary recording instruments will have many distracting factors that contribute to building a negative impact on your content. 

The voice enhancer online works to improve your podcast, vlogs, interviews, etc. in the following different ways:

  • Removal of Background Noise 

Its capability to detect the unwanted noise elements that can detract from the quality of your content and remove them is impressive, whether it is microphone interference, background chatter, or any other disruptive sound. 

  • Improving the Clarity of Speech Content 

Bringing consistency in the speech content in your media field is another key feature efficiently performed by this incredible voice enhancer. It will scan the provided files thoroughly and remove all the distracting factors that will automatically result in the clarity of the speech part. 

  • Balancing the Sound Pitch or Loudness 

The audio or video recorded in an open environment and with ordinary sound recording instruments will definitely have abruptly fluctuating sound loudness that not only irritates the listener but also can be harmful to their ears. 

With the help of the audio enhancer online, you can effortlessly control your sound’s loudness and levels as per your content type. 

  • Type of Sound Quality Enhancement/ Content Type 

With this AI audio enhancer online, you are free to choose the type of content you have to improve and the preferred kind of sound quality enhancement from the four options available. 

User-Friendly Features 

  • Support All Audio/Video File Formats 

There is no defined audio or video file format by the tool to upload to enhance audio sound. The tool supports all the commonly and widely used audio and video file formats such as mp3, mp4, m4p, m4a, etc. 

  • Allows Bulk Files Processing/Input 

In its premium mode of use, the audio enhancer AI supports bulk uploads (from 3 to 10 files per input) to enhance audio quality. These uploads may consist of solely audio, video, or a combination of audio and video files.

  • Varying Media File Sizes & Lengths 

Starting from 500 MB and 5 minutes long file size, the audio enhancer ai is capable of accepting and processing larger files (4GB and 15 hours long). 

This versatility of the tool is of great importance for users with varying as it enables them to improve their media field quality without resizing or trimming them. 

  • User-Friendly Interface 

Besides other nontechnical features that add to the user’s convenience, it features the easiest-to-operate tool design; requiring no technical expertise or formalities to fulfill prior to sound quality adjustments. 

Pricing is free for unlimited use (with limited file size and length per input) and paid for advanced and additional features and services. 

If you are looking for professional quality results with the ai voice enhancer, you can choose any of the following premium packages:

Free Pro ($10/month)Basic ($45/month)Studio ($90/month)
5 minutes1 hour5 hours15 hours 
1 file/entry3 file/entry5 file/entry10 file/entry
Not Defined 5GB cloud space 10GB cloud space 20GB cloud space 


  • Free, efficient, and reliable voice enhancer 
  • The easiest way to get professional quality sound in audio/video
  • Proficient in identifying and removing background sound elements 
  • Saves a massive time, energy, and money of yours
  • The most efficient replacement for human sound editing 
  • Does not require any technical expertise to operate it 
  • Support all audio/video file formats; saves you from changing file formats


  • Support limited file size in free mode
  • The audio enhancer does not integrate with other devices 
  • Expensive compared to other audio enhancer tools

Final Verdict

Concluding the above discussion here, is one of the most reliable and authentic platforms for effortless yet efficient sound quality enhancement. 

It can be used for removing background sounds, cleaning up speech content, and balancing sound pitch output throughout the medial files. 

This versatile voice enhancer offers flexibility in choosing the file zie, length, number of files per entry, and the type of sound equity enhancement suer required as per the content type. 

Long story short, if you are a podcaster, vlogger, musician, etc., or a beginner in any of these professions, you can get studio-quality sound with this incredible audio enhancer.