What is CloudFut App? Real or Fake

CloudFut Real or Fake: In this article, we will review a cryptocurrency-based MLM company called CloudFut. CloudFut rents crypto-mining machines, with a total return of $415 on an $8 machine.

How does CloudFut give so much commission, in this article we will know the truth about CloudFut, so let’s start.

What is Cloud Foot?

CloudFut is a well-known Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining company. Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining means that it allows people to mine cryptocurrency through the Internet.

Cryptocurrency mining is a process in which cryptocurrency transactions are verified and new crypto-coins are created.

Cryptocurrency mining requires computers and hardware systems, so CloudFut manufactures crypto-mining machines, which is also the main product of this company.


Chris Morehouse, Lucas Kuhlman, Eric McCabe, Richard Purcell and William Ferrero are the founders of this company. According to CloudFut it was founded in 2014.

But its domain Cloudfut.cloud was registered in October 2022 and more than 13 lakh people visit its website every month, out of which 98% are Indians.

This company and its operators are not present on social media platforms, which raises suspicion against it.

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Overview of the Company


How to join CloudFut?

All members are given a referral link to login CloudFut. To login CloudFut, one has to register on their website.


After registering, you have to rent your mining machine, information about which is given further.

CloudFut Items

CloudFut rents cloud mining machines.


In this, the member has to buy this machine of CloudFut, which does not come at home. CloudFut itself manages and operates this machine, people have to pay rent for it, in return for which they get mining commission.

You can see in the table given below, what is the price of which machine and how much is the daily return.

ProductPriceDaily ReturnsTotal Returns
K8750-S $100$16.6$913  

Daily returns on each machine are available for the next 50 to 80 days.

The Cloudfut Income Plan

In addition to mining commission, CloudFut offers referral commission from 3 levels downline. For example, if someone buys a mining machine in Level 1, he gets a commission of 10% of the price of the machine. The commission is 5% and 3% for Level 2 and 3 as shown in the table below.

Apart from this, daily commission is also available according to the machine and level purchased in the downline.

Downline levelLevel 1Level 2Level 3
Referral commission10%5%3%
K4375-S ($50)Daily $0.83 Total $41.5Daily $0.42 Total $21Daily $0.25 Total $12.5
K8750-S ($100)Daily $1.66 Total $91.3Daily $0.83 Total $45.65Daily $0.5 Total $27.5
K17500-S ($200)Daily $3.33 Total $199.8Daily $1.67 Total $100.2Daily $1 Total $60
K35000-S ($400)Daily $8 Total $520Daily $4 Total $260Daily $2.4 Total $156
K70000-S ($800)Daily $16 Total $1120Daily $8 Total $560Daily $4.8 Total $336
K140000-S ($1600)Daily $32 Total $2400Daily $16 Total $1200Daily $9.6 Total $720
K280000-S ($3200)Daily $64 Total $5120Daily $32 Total $2560Daily $19.2 Total $1536

CloudFut Rating and Experience

We hope that you have got complete information about Cloudfut. This company multiplies the money in a few days, but its truth is something else.

CloudFut a Real or Fake Company?

CloudFut is a completely fake company and it is fooling people.CloudFut does not work on any crypto-mining, rather it is diverting people’s money and we have found traces of many scams.

The founder is in hiding

CloudFut describes itself as an American company founded in 2014, but it was founded in 2022 and has no head office in the USA. The information about its founder is also wrong and he is running this company secretly. CloudFut’s main target is Indians, who are being looted in the name of crypto-mining.

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Only made false claims

CloudFut has made a lot of false claims and there is no doubt about it.


They say that it has been working in the field of cryptocurrency since 2014, while it was started in 2022. They have made many other false claims on their website. Apart from this, they do not have any crypto-mining machines but pretend to extort people’s money. In which people are being fooled in the name of manifold returns.

Money circulation scam

CloudFut is a money circulation scam, in which people’s money is locked for 50 to 80 days. Then the money of the new people is given to the old investors, which makes people trust the company.In this, people get a commission on mining, this is completely false. People promote it in the name of referral commission, which is the biggest mistake. Now many people are not able to withdraw their money from CloudFut, which shows that it is going to be closed soon.


How much does it cost to join CloudFut?

You can start with an $8 crypto-mining machine at CloudFut, but it is not possible to earn as much commission on crypto-mining as CloudFut says.

Who owns CloudFut?

The founder and operator of CloudFut are hidden. They portray CloudFut as an American company, but the truth is different.

What are the requirements to join CloudFut?

To join CloudFut, you need to invest by registering with your email ID.

Do people have to be added to CloudFut?

Yes, CloudFut requires people to be referred for referral commission. Since this is a scam, don’t promote it.

Is CloudFut Company Fraud?

Yes, CloudFut is a completely fraud company and is doing a big scam.

Should I join CloudFut?

No, CloudFut is a scam and it does not do crypto-mining. Rather she fools people and is committing fraud.