Excel AND function

The Excel AND function is a built-in function in Excel that gives output based on true or false conditions. Using this function, we can test whether or not multiple conditions are met. Simply it gives True if all arguments/statements are evaluated as True in other case it give False.

The syntax to use this function is =AND([logical1], [logical2]).

The logical1 and logical2 are referred to as conditions and the conditions follow:

  • Check if the number is greater than from other ( > ).
  • Check if the number is less than from other number ( < ).
  • Check if the number or text you write is equal or not ( = ).

Here is an example of the AND function in Excel.

If the profit is greater than the buying price it returns TRUE and if the condition is not met it returns False.

Excel AND Function


  1. First, put the symbol of =.
  2. Then start writing the AND function when you type AND and then Double click on the AND command.
  3. Then select the cell A2.
  4. Now type greater than symbol <.
  5. Finally, select the next cell B2.
  6. Click Enter.
  7. You can simply drag it down for the remaining values.

You can enter more conditions by putting a comma to separate conditions.

Now this compares both columns and gives the return value.

Here is the output.

AND Function


You can put 255 conditions for the AND function.

It evaluates if all conditions as TRUE  or False any condition is evaluated as FALSE.

The VALUE! Error – shows when logical values are not present in the function.

Empty cells provided are neglected by the AND function in Excel.

IF AND function excel

You can combine the IF function with the AND function like to check or verify multiple conditions for the if function:

This function lets you change or specify the return value.

The IF function has been divided into three parts and the syntax of the IF function is as follows:

=IF(logical1, [value if true], [value if false])

In the IF function the AND function replaces the logical1 condition.

Use of the AND function in the IF function and here is the example:

  • Type the =IF function and double-tap on it.
  • Now type AND function and double tap on it again.
  • After selecting the B2 write the >=40 and put a comma to separate the conditions.
  • Further, specify the second condition is C2>=50.
  • Now specify the value you want in return as TRUE in this case the condition is False.
  • In the last type is the closed bracket and hit enter.
IF with and function

After dragging the function to the next rows.

Here is the output:

IF function

In this example, if a student has numbers on the first test 40 or above and on the second test has 50 then the student passes otherwise fails to get the result we use the if AND function.
In the next tutorial,we will learn about how to add formula in excel.