How to protect workbook in Excel

In this tutorial, we will discuss how to protect workbook in Excel, protect the sheet, look cells, and make Excel read-only files in Excel.

Protect workbook in Excel

The following steps will tell you the procedure to protect the workbook. if you want to protect the Excel workbook, the user cannot edit the Excel sheet by deleting, copying, renaming, moving, etc.

  • The first step is to open the workbook that you need to protect.
  • On the Review tab in the Protect group press the Protect Workbook option.
Protect workbook option
  • Protect Structure and Windows dialog box is open choose the structure option and enter the password and click the ok button.
Protect Structure and Windows

Confirm the password and click ok button.


Now other people cannot edit your Excel workbook.

If you want to unprotect the file again click the Protect Workbook option and the password and then click ok.

Protect the Sheet

When you share Excel files with other people may want to protect the sheet.

So, to protect the sheet follow these steps.

  • On the sheet tab click the right button.
  • Choose the option of protect sheet.
  • Insert the password.
  • Choose the action that you want to allow all the users of your sheet to perform.
  • Click the OK button.
  • Again confirm the password and then press the OK button.

Now your sheet is protected with the selected option.

Protect Cell in Excel

If you to protect the cell from being edited. So you can protect cells.

Look the cells do not protect the cells until you protect your worksheet.

  • Select the range of cells.
  • Right-click and choose the format option or press the shortcut key Ctrl + 1.
  • You can confirm that cells are looked by default.

Excel read-only

To make your Excel file read-only follow these steps.

  • On the file tab choose the Save as option.
  • Now click on the Browse option.
  • Press the Tool button and choose General Options.
Excel Read-only
  • Tick the option of Read-only Recommended and enter the password in the modified option and then click OK.
General options
  • Reenter the password to modify.

This way you can easily make an Excel read-only file.