20 Best Primary Schools in Perth for 2024

Choosing a school is a very serious process. The selection of a good school is very important for a promising future for the children. There are many top schools in Perth. And provides a solid academic foundation and a supportive environment for children.

In doing justice, one has to look at many things about the best schools in Perth, such as the calculation of the children’s school and their teaching method, apart from what kind of extracurricular activities are being conducted there and whether one should like that school. While choosing a school, look at its location, size, culture, and values.

The best public high schools in Perth have consistently achieved high education standards. These schools offer exceptional opportunities for students to improve their lives.

Top-ranking high schools in Perth

Perth Modern School:

This is a public school that provides many academic programs for students. Perth School has a 100 overall state rank and is in the top 1% of schools in Western Australia. They offer different subjects, including English, Maths, Science, Humanities, Languages.

Christ Church Grammar School:

This is a private school that follows the Australian Curriculum. 

Christ Church Grammar School offers a variety of subjects, such as English, Maths, Science, Humanities, Languages, Arts, and Physical Education.

Rossmoyne Senior High School:

This public school offers a comprehensive and balanced curriculum for students of all abilities and interests. These schools also provide a range of subjects, including English, Maths, Science, Humanities, Languages, Arts, and Technology. 

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Top schools in perth

1Caladenia Primary School
2Wembley Primary School
3Dalkeith Primary School
4International School of Western Australia
5Wesley College
6Willetton Primary School
7Holy Spirit School
8Perth College
9Bull Creek Primary School
10Nedlands Primary School
11Christ Church Grammar School
12Chrysalis Montessori School
13Scotch College
14Ardross Primary School
15Como Primary School
16Winthrop Primary School
17Aquinas College
18Hollywood Primary School
19Jolimont Primary School
20Subiaco Primary School

The most common question asked about schools in Perth

What is the process to get information about the best primary school in Perth?

You can do this by considering reviews or checking for schools on the My School and Good Schools Guide websites or instructional publications magazines that contain information that depicts the school’s ranking, achievements, and performance in both the recent and past tense.


How can I evaluate which ones are the top schools in Perth?

The best public high schools in Perth generally agree about these factors, such as the number of exams a school takes for its students and the number of subjects in which students receive high scores.


Which are the top high schools in Perth, in particular?

There are many top high schools in Perth, such as Perth Modern School, Wembley Primary School, and Dalkeith Primary School


There are many schools and institutions in Perth. But institution ratings depend on various factors. When selecting a school, you have to consider factors such as location, facilities, teaching quality, and the student-teacher ratio. You might wish to look into local schools and visit them to see if they are a suitable fit for your child’s needs. 

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