10 Best Grammar Schools in the UK for 2024

There are many of the best grammar schools in the UK, but if you are trying to prioritize or evaluate the grammar schools in your region.You may feel lost as to where to begin. 

For a good school guide, we have researched many sources to identify the top schools in the UK known for their excellence in the grammar discipline. 

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In the UK, grammar school is a secondary school that it is possible to go to only by passing the exams that define your academic ability. The 11-plus examination is the selection tool that children take in Year 6. The top-performing children are selected to become Year 7 learners at the school.

Grammar School gives Publicly Funded

Just like private schools, grammar schools are publicly funded, meaning parents do not have to pay tuition. Grammar schools provide high-quality education in several areas and offer a wide choice of facilities for extracurricular activities like music and sports.

Entering a grammar school can be challenging due to the high level of competition, especially in highly populated regions such as the capital of the UK.

1.Wilson’s School

Wilson’s is not only among the local boys’ grammar schools with academy status. The grammar school was founded by royal charter. It is among England’s oldest state schools.


Students at Wilson’s School are studying a wide range of subjects and engaging in educational experiences aimed at refining each boy’s character. The program, called ‘The Elizabethan,’ consists of three sections. This phase is most important because it involves instructing candidates in politics, culture, public speaking, and social integration.

2. QE Barnet

QE Barnet was founded by the Royal Charter  in 1573. Our school is housed in Barnet, North London, at a time when only boys could be admitted to the grammar school.

QE Barnet plans to handle it with excellent learning programmes to give students a chance to experience a wonderful learning environment. Greek and Roman male students are exposed to philosophy, mathematics, rhetoric, sports, music, the arts, and natural science at once, as well as other opportunities such as guest lecturers.

3. Henrietta Barnett 

A girls’ grammar school named Henrietta Barnett is situated in Hampstead Garden Suburb, which is in the borough of Hampstead Garden Suburb, North London.

The school is better than the state national average, with its leadership of the state league being a great achievement. 

The girls of the Henrietta Barnett School went to the high profile UK universities for the degree of their bachelors, and it was the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, University College London, and the London School of Economics that were involved.

In 2022, the Henrietta Barnett School was named the ‘Top Secondary School for Academic Performance’ by the Sunday Times Newspaper.

4. Pate’s Grammar School

Pate’s Grammar School is a mixed-sex local school with academy status. During its 2020 run, the school was titled ‘State Secondary School of the Year’ by the Sunday Times.

Locally, it received the ‘The Southwest Secondary School of the Year’ award twice, in 2017 and 2022.


St. Olave’s Grammar School is a non-profit, state school that enrolls boys in the fourth grade. Through evolution and development, it evolved from a small school to a leading comprehensive grammar school. The school was founded by a royal charter in 1571.

6. King Edward VI Grammar School

King Edward VI Grammar School (Colchester) is a boys’ grammar school in Colchester, Essex. In 1206, it was established.Since then, it has been one of the oldest schools in the country.

Its two charters, received from Henry VIII in the 16th century and Elizabeth in the 17th century, make it a highly reputable school. This one is quite unusual among state schools because it allows boarding for sixth-graders.

The school is highly regarded due to its excellent facilities, the number of high examination results, and the vast range of extracurricular activities offered.

7. The Tiffin Girls’ Secondary School

TGS is an all-girls, selective school in Kingston upon Thames, in the southwest suburban area of London. It is the sister school attached to the School for Boys, known as Tiffin School, among the oldest in England (est. 1700).

The school’s mission is “to educate an outward-looking and dynamically growing society, where intellectually challenging education is offered, and students do their best to contribute to society.”

8. Reading School

Reading School operations began in 1125, and it is acknowledged as Britain’s oldest grammar school. In contrast to a state school, it also enables on-site boarding at a price closer to private school boarding charges.

Reading School’s students consistently gain top placements in local exams. In 2017, the Sunday Times singled out our school as the ‘Southeast Secondary School of the Year.’

9. King Edward VI School in Stratford

King Edward VI School in Stratford was also very special to me compared to the other schools where I was taught.

One of the Stratford-upon-Avon schools is considered one of the leading ones.  It was built in 1295 and was concurrently attended by William Shakespeare in the 1570s, thus acquiring the School’s nickname, ‘Shakespeare’s School.’

10. Altrincham Grammar School Girls

 Altrincham Grammar School Girls, thus, provides girls with an even playing field.

The initial state presents a situation where Altrincham Grammar School for Girls is a stand-alone grammar school for girls.

 In the direction of the Northwest, Bowdon, Greater Manchester, which got the Northwest Secondary School of the Year title from the Sunday Times in 2022,. It was created in 1910 as part of the Education Act of 1902, which wanted to build new schools with increased learning opportunity

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